jjs@jordanjstella ((312) 646-0738)

i’m personally and professionally driven to create meaningful relationships between real people that help move the world forward in some way or another.

if you look at my linkedin, you might think “oh, he’s just another millennial digital marketer with a silver-tongue and a cool aesthetic.” i’ll admit, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. i am a millennial, i am a digital marketing expert, and i like to think i’m a people-person with my finger on the pulse of current trends, but i’m also a lot more than that.

what makes me so special?

i have a wide range of passions and talents that give me a unique vision of the world—or at least i like to think so.

i’m fluent in 3 languages (english, spanish, and italian) and i’ve read some of the finest works of literature that mankind has to offer. i play more than a handful of instruments and i create emotionally-charged electronic music. i’m a gifted writer with an uncanny habit for finding the right words to describe any experience. i’m a trained anthropologist and an astute ethnographer. i’m an amateur photographer with a knack for capturing the essence of the moment. i’m a cinephile with a soft-spot for the horror genre. and, most importantly, i’m a voracious creator and consumer of internet culture in all its forms.


no one likes to read narcissistic bios so i’ll cut straight to the point. since i was a child, i’ve always had an eclectic personality and an insatiable curiosity. i’ve always felt compelled to ask questions, to seek answers, and to learn from others.

this curiosity has led me down many interesting paths. some have brought me to positive and enriching ends; others to sadness and anxiety. no matter the outcome, the many different paths that i’ve walked have shown me that the most powerful thing in this world is connection.


university of notre dame

università di bologna

work experience

customer success manager, oct 2016-present

search specialist, feb 2016-oct 2016

senior content editor & head of social media marketing, sep 2015-jul 2016

customer service representative, oct 2015-feb 2016

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